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All of your document and entity management needs in one platform


Set up tax structures in seconds with all supporting documentation ready to deliver to your clients instantly! 

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No more downtime or waiting for the establishment of documentation! Utilising NowInfinity’s legal documentation means you’re all set to establish companies, trusts, partnerships, SMSFs and Loan accounts in seconds!

Our intuitive workflows will have you ready to run in no time at all and we know you’ll love the peace of mind that all documentation obtained through NowInfinity is backed by our legal partner, View Legal. 


Our cloud-based platform has been built around connectivity. Sync to other platforms and utilise our integrated workflow tools to get jobs done in a snap!

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We make our database do all the heavy lifting when it comes to automation of tasks like opening bank accounts, provisioning of ABNs, TFNs and ACNs and so much more. 

Moreover, NowInfinity makes it seamless to communicate with your clients by incorporating collaboration tools like DocuSign and features like customised branded templates, text messaging and automatic email follow-up.

Staying on top of a growing client base has never been so easy.


Our entity management products help you manage ongoing compliance for Companies, SMSFs and Trusts so you can always stay ahead.

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 These management tools are going to make sure you’ve always got a clear view of what’s happening with your client’s tax structures.

Whether it be automatic ASIC debt management, timeline views so you can review changes to the entity over time, or perhaps even just centralised access to all the ongoing maintenance documents that you’re going to need to run those structures moving forward.

It’s your opportunity to remove disconnected workflows, introduce standardisation and centralise otherwise time consuming workflows. 

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"NowInfinity has helped us to scale and ease workflows that would otherwise be manual."

Kris Kitto

Superfund Wholesale

"The speed at which we can now generate forms and the ability to report at a glance allows us to offer our clients the fast and professional ASIC service they require"

Victoria Berry

HBA Encompass

"I have been able to keep staff costs down and the simplicity of the program means increased profits in my businesses."

Tim Shapter

Smart SMSF