The NowInfinity Story

NowInfinity is on a mission to uncover pain points in financial businesses and solve them through technology adoption. We are a feedback driven business in terms of new developments and we continue to listen and observe the market to deliver unprecedented products, so you can optimise your workflows and grow your business!

Collaboration is also a big part of the NowInfinity platform and part of our mission. We recognise that the future holds a world where all platforms co-exist, and this excites us! We love to collaborate with like-minded businesses such as Xero, Class Super, Macquarie Bank, cloud management platforms and more.

NowInfinity and View Legal joined forces. View Legal is headed up by innovator and recognised expert in estate planning and tax law, Matthew Burgess. This Partnership has extend our reach into the entity management and estate planning sector.

A brand-new portal was developed for users with more intuitive and simple navigation. This year was also the year notifications were developed in the shape of reminders, txt messages and client communication as well as a complete customisable communication piece for members.

This year was all about market disruption, which saw the creation of Corporate Messenger, an online corporate compliance tool linking users directly to ASIC. The founders wanted to take the platform up a level and begin assisting with corporate secretarial compliance and removing the inefficacies seen within practices managing these tasks.

The year which saw NowInfinity open its API doors and collaborate with other like-minded platforms in the financial industry, in order to reduce data duplication and human error. NowInfinity’s first collaboration was with Xero Practice Manager, followed by Class Super, DocuSign and the list has continued to grow.


The NowInfinity Journey

NowInfinity was founded by Amreeta Abbott in 2012. Her vision was to have a robust automated platform for documentation which could support any structure an accountant had developed for their client. The evolution of NowInfinity throughout the years tells the story of true fintech evolution.

Key People

Matthew Burgess

Partner and Director of View Legal

Vitalii Symon

Director and Head of Development

Amreeta Abbott

CEO and Founder of NowInfinity

John Orrock


Paul Kamper