Platform Update: Introducing two-step authentication

Introducing two-step authentication

As part of our efforts to increase security, from Thursday 1 March NowInfinity will have two-step authentication (2SA) available for setup. This will become mandatory for all users on 16 March to comply with ATO's new data security requirements. 

Login Pop Up Page

As part of this change, from 1 March 2018, when you next login to NowInfinity you will find a pop up appears... 


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Please ensure your number is correct before clicking 'confirm' or enter your mobile number beginning with 04.

If for some reason you cannot receive the verification code please contact our support team on 07 5554 5398 and they will provide you with your code. 

Google Authenticator

We are happy to inform you that Google Authentication is also available for 2SA. We recommend using this method if you do not have access to a mobile phone each time you login. 

All you need to do is download the google authenticator app, scan the code which will appear on your computer screen when you are logging in to NowInfinity and then a code will be generated on the app. 





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