Platform Update - November 2018

1. Annual Statement PostPay – Annual statements now have instant pay option

We know the challenges with ASIC fee's not getting paid on time and back in in 2015 we started our mission to do everything possible to assist your firm with this burden. That saw the introduction of our burning feature, email reminders, text messages, combination of the latter and now we now have taken in up a notch with introduction of the PostPay option!

For those clients who send the annual statement invoice either as a separate file or as part of the annual statement and solvency package, we have introduced a further functionality to make payment seamless and efficient for your clients. The new POST BillPay payment option is a button within the body of the annual statement email.

If your clients click the button, they can instantly pay the required amount efficiently via the Australia Post online payment page with all details entered and ready for payment.

This functionality has been added to the following e-mail templates:

  • Annual Statement letter (regular email)
  • Annual Statement letter (e-signing)
  • Annual Statement Payment Reminder.

There is no further action or set up required it is ready to go, for those firms who have selected not to display the ASIC invoice as part of the Annual Statement configuration it will be business as usual and option will not shown to the client.

2. Billing and Signing contact split

Strength to strength we go and this feature is a wider set of our lead up to the release of our 'DataCube' (Watch this space).

This recent release saw the the contact details in both the Company and Trust profiles split into two separate contact tables allowing the separation of billing contacts and signing contacts for each entity.

This will provide the flexibility to maintain the preferred singing contact and alternative/different billing contact to receive documents simultaneously.  The initial transition will default to setting the current contact person as both the billing and signing contact but can be updated easily in the company or trust profile view as you go along.

Note: when the billing and/or preferred signing contact details are updated, remember to check the email notification settings to ensure the emails are reflective of the correct email address.

  1. Current View in Company/Trust Profile

The current contact person will be defaulted to the billing and signing contact

  1. To edit the contact details, click edit as per current process

The edit view will now look like this:

  1. If the billing and signing contacts are different people, deselect the tick box called “Billing Contact is the same”

The edit view will change to look like this:

  1. The contact person(s) can now be updated as required

Here is a view of the billing contact being a different person:

  1. Select Save to confirm the details entered into the system

Saved view will look like this:


3. Share Registry per Member report

The extension of our reporting includes the availability localise the register to a specific shareholder within a company. This will assist where shareholders have numerous share allocations in the one entity.

  1. Go to the Share register view within a Company Profile

  1. Select the report export button as per current process

Here is the view of the new export menu showing the option to extract the share register per member

  1. Select the option “Export Share Register per Member”

A new popup will display where individual shareholders can be selected.

  1. Once required shareholder is selected, a PDF version of the share register will be downloaded as per the normal export process.

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