Testimonial: Nexia Australia

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Seamless Solution

Nexia Melbourne needed to find a solution that provided a platform that not only looked after corporate compliance, but also our trusts and which included commonly used legal documentation. We were very interested in the data discrepancy reporting that NowInfinity provides which helps us identify, resolve and maintain a true record of clients’ registers and ensure that lodgements, documents and correspondence is maintained in an easily accessible way not only for our companies and but also for our trusts via the NowInfinity trust register.

The seamless import of our data and files from our previous system was managed by the NowInfinity team as we carried on business as usual and the data and documents were all filed into the timeline, with no manual processing or downtime.


The NowInfinity timeline simplifies the way we are able to identify changes and other corporate actions relating to our clients and also allows us to securely store supporting documents against these changes or corporate actions.



NowInfinity has also enabled us to engage a new corporate compliance team member (‘Rosie’…the bot) who works closely with Slack to provide all team members with easy access to our client’s corporate information via an easy to use app.

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