Devenny Payne

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At Devenny Payne, we have been using NowInfinity since 2015/16 and cannot fault it. Amreeta and team do not stop, and keep improving the product every day. It is very easy to use and your admin will love it.

The big plus is their partnership with ViewLegal so you know the documents are checked and approved by the legal team. They have introduced Trust Register and I know that this will save so much of time while preparing trustee resolutions. Their integration with Xero HQ, XPM and Class makes it seamless and avoids double handling of data. It also integrates with heaps of other cloud apps and document management tools.

Their Corporate Compliance Messenger is so good that since we have started using NI Compliance Messenger not a single one complaint from a client about missing ASIC statement. It just takes care of it by itself.

And don't forget the newest member ‘ROSIE’. The very first bot which can integrate with messaging apps and get work done just like that. We love working with the NowInfinity Team and we are glad that we are on board with NowInfinity for our journey.

Krushang Vaidya

Fly The Flag