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How did RBK come across NowInfinity, what were you trying to solve?

We came across NI at a Xero Roadshow.

Heading to Roadshows or Xerocon we always have our hit list of problems we want to fix, or things we think we can drive efficiencies in. Technology has been a huge enabler for RBK to be able to grow to the size it is to date, in under 3 years.

Initially we were trying to find the best solution for document formation, companies, trusts, etc. We never anticipated all the amazing extra features that existed at the time, but in the last 12-24 months Nowinfinity has come so far we know we couldn’t run our business the same without it.

Highlight what the NowInfinity integration really means for RBK?

Integrating with NowInfinity has meant so much to the team at RBK. Not only team satisfaction with the tools they use to get the job done, but a time reduction in the simple things like pre populated ABN applications, or automated emails for ASIC compliance, text message reminders, digital signatures, next level support and a team that thrives off feedback and suggestions for improvements (or more like taking it to the next level).

With the compare data tool we also know what data in XPM doesn’t match our ASIC records – lifesaver!

What was the impact of the NowInfinity integration for RBK’s daily workflows, your business as a whole and your clients?

The desire to be a truly cloud advisory firm meant we needed to find and implement the best cloud apps for firms of the future. NI allowed us to integrate to XPM and docusign so we could seamlessly form new entities and groups from NI into XPM. We were then able to have our clients sign documents anywhere in the world.

The ability to automate a great deal of this process has meant we are able to form hundreds of new entities per year, as well as onboard hundreds of new company clients to be managed by our team.

Our team members love working on the software and often comment about how they “wish their old accounting firm was using this.”

The question we always ask ourselves – is there a better way to do this? If you are imagining your ASIC process, or your document formation etc. and you think it can be improved, streamlined, and more efficient, well it definitely can be!

Jason Robinson

Fly The Flag