Legal Services

We’ve partnered with View Legal to bring you the ability to establish legally reviewed documents and source real time legal support. All in one platform.

VIew Legal is a specialist law firm, focusing on tax, structuring, asset protection, business succession and estate planning. The founders of View Legal are committed to building a law firm that our friends would choose. View Legal is results focused and passionate about delivering solutions in a way that aligns with out ‘SPS’ – service and price satisfaction – guarantee.

View Legal blog…

Wills and estate planning


Tax and structuring

Trusts and asset protection


Company restructures

Business succession planning

Business sales and acquisitions

Any documentation produced on the NowInfinity platform is backed by our legal partner, View Legal.

View Legal are responsible for maintaining all master legal documentation templates and keeping them fully up-to date with law. View Legal are a specialist law firm who focus on superannuation, estate planning, structuring, tax, trusts, asset protection & succession planning. The View Legal team bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that we know will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for when selecting a document provider.

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