Platform Update: 6 exciting platform updates

This month we are thrilled to announce the following key releases and explain the enormous beneficial impact they will bring to your business.

1. Trust Register – It just keeps getting better

If you have not already experienced the magnitude of the trust register, it’s never too late. Manage all your trusts in the one cloud-based location. The benefits are endless, and the feedback has been incredible. We already have over 40,000 trusts on the register and the number is growing daily.

Do you want to add another layer of efficiency in your business, reduce the risk and potential tax ramifications of out dated trusts and/or have access to a ‘real time’ trust register? If the answer is yes, the trust register is for you. If you would like to know more about this register, please contact

Exciting news

We have recently added a report and ‘readiness’ feature for your trusts.


What does this mean?

The trust profile for each trust will display a visual ‘trust readiness’ indicator. This indicator will demonstrate to what level information is missing for the trust in the completion of any of the documents available on the trust register. This feature speeds up efficiency, whilst also being a visual check on completeness and validity of key information on the trust. 100% ‘trust readiness’ means the trust has been given the green light to go ahead in producing any required documentation on the register without having to go back and search for it. Such an invaluable enhancement.

2. Global Search option


Global search is here!

The navigation panel has a new search field which allows you to navigate through the Companies/Trust profiles and regular/ASIC documents (lodgements, statements). Another layer of efficiency to what NowInfinity is about.

Global search can find all documents or profiles via name. Search results are grouped into four sections: Companies, Trusts, Documents and Lodgements. You can now find any entity by the search feature. No more jumping from one internal platform to the other. Simply type in a key word(s) and we will find all the relevant entities for you. Click on that entity and you will then be directed straight into the profile of that entity.

3. New Allotment Control

Corporate Messenger just keeps rising to the next level with each advancement.

Welcome to the latest advancement, Allotment Control.

Allotment Control provides you with the ability to effectively manage complicated company share structures. Basically, it will visually highlight any differences in share allotments between what ASIC has recorded and what is in the share register. You can then amend accordingly.

However, if you are halfway through a transaction in relation to that shareholding i.e. it has a pending or awaiting change status, you will not be able to make the allotment edit until the transaction has been finalised. This avoids any duplication errors.

Watch this space. A webinar will be coming on this amazing feature so that you can fully benefit from its functionality.

4. ASIC Calendar


Another point of visual reference to make your life easier. We have a new calendar that provides you with a visual display of lodgements and payment deadlines for ASIC documents and annual statements. You can navigate to annual statements, lodgements or company profiles, directly from the calendar. The chance of late lodgements or payments is history.

5. Payment functionality


Every day we strive to make your life easier. We have introduced a further functionality to make payment seamless and efficient for your clients. We have a new section with the payment requisites of both POST BillPay and BPAY in the annual statement profiles. This section contains a Pay button which leads to either of the payment systems. Your clients can then pay the required amount efficiently.

This functionality has also been added to the following e-mail templates:

  • Annual Statement letter (regular email)

  • Annual Statement letter (e-signing)

  • Company debt reminders (email and sms)

  • Annual Statement Payment Reminder.

6. New document – Division 7A Drawdown Acknowledgement

This document has been added to the document platform under ‘Loans’. This document allows you to record any advances made pursuant to a pre-existing Division 7A Loan Agreement. Especially important where a separate loan agreement is not required for each amount lent to the borrower.