Platform Update: Reminder Notifications for Annual Statements

At NowInfinity, we constantly explore new ways to update the platform to improve our users’ customer experience and efficiency.

As highlighted in our release notes, on the 18th of March we released a new feature that allows you to send scheduled payment reminders to the Billing Contact of a company.

It is important for you to note that this box (‘Send to Billing Contact’) is automatically pre-ticked for Annual Statement reminders.

Please note: if no Billing Contact exists in the Company Profile, the reminder will be sent to the Account Manager of the company.

You can locate scheduled reminders by going to Menu > Productivity > Reminders > Drafts on the platform to ensure the reminders will be sent to your preferred recipient.

To re-direct scheduled reminders to the correct email address, simply complete the Billing Contact information in the particular Company Profile.

We hope this update has been useful. Please contact the NowInfinity team on (07) 5554 5398 or email at with any questions you might have.