Australia’s First Corporate Compliance Bot Demonstrated in New York

“Rosie,” Australia’s first corporate compliance bot, was demonstrated at the AICPA Executive Roundtable in New York today.

Developed by technology company, NowInfinity, Rosie applies technology to create first-class customer conversations using the Slack and Skype platforms.

Rosie was designed to assist Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) agents to manage corporate compliance and has the capability to change addresses, appoint an officer, provide updates about annual statements, send documents for eSigning; deregister and appoint a company agent and lodge on command with ASIC.

Amreeta Abbott, CEO, and Founder of NowInfinity, is presenting Rosie’s capabilities to industry leaders at the AICPA Executive Roundtable today. An unabashed pro-technology geek, Ms. Abbott is excited to showcase Rosie’s abilities at the conference.

“I’m incredibly proud that the team at NowInfinity has developed Australia’s first corporate compliance bot and to showcase Rosie’s capabilities to the US market.

“NowInfinity views technology automation as a great opportunity to provide real efficiencies and improve business processes for the accounting industry. The use of AI technology has certainly earned its place at the forefront of business offering a plethora of resources previously unavailable. It’s an exciting time for technological advancements in the accounting industry,” Ms. Abbott said.   

Australian accounting firms have adopted Rosie to manage their corporate compliance affairs. Jason Robinson, Director RBK Advisory, uses the bot via the Slack and Skype platforms.

 “Rosie’s corporate compliance skills have completely transformed the way we manage compliance and has enhanced our efficiencies. Rosie is our “go to” for access to reliable and quick information on the Slack and Skype platforms,” Jason Robinson said.

NowInfinity account with an active ASIC Agent is required to operate Rosie. You can apply to become a registered agent by lodging a Notification to register change details of or cease as an agent (Form RA01).

About NowInfinity

NowInfinity is a technology company with a progressive and dynamic cloud based documentation and entity management platform solution with features enabling rapid company formation with ASIC, compliance tools and legal document templates for entity establishment and management. The solution is used by accounting, bookkeeping, financial advice, SMSF specialist, super administration and legal firms. It provides users with legal templates, entity registers, corporate compliance administration and fee management, SMSF compliance, trust management, document collaboration and data integrity via its integrations with but not limited to, ASIC, XERO, Microsoft Dynamics,, Class and electronic signatures – DocuSign.

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