Manage SMSFs in a highly efficient and compliant manner

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Experience the ease of managing SMSFs when the power of technology makes the whole process efficient as well as compliant.

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Key Benefits


Safe online storage

Maintain all of your SMSFs in one safe cloud-based register.


Simple updating

Keep the profiles of each fund easily up to date when you change trustee, members, or fund name. The trust profile of the fund will be automatically updated.


DOCUMENT timeline

Visually store and see all documents created on the register on the document timeline.


Single source of truth

Since any changes to the documents or new governing rules are centralised, this document repository quickly becomes the single ‘source of truth’ on all the SMSFs that you manage.


Tailor variation timings

Tailor the timing for future SMSF Variations for each fund. This could be annual, every three years or any date you wish. They will then run automatically in a client centric approach.


Benefit three ways

Benefit from what is the core of NowInfinity’s offering: Automation, Collaboration, Efficiency. Together these powerful synergies can free you up to grow your business.

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How does your firm measure up?

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