Amreeta Abbott


CEO and Founder

Amreeta is one of the most dynamic visionaries in the Australian Fintech space. As the CEO and Founder of NowInfinity she has built a business which is transforming how Professional Services Firms deliver value to their clients.

Amreeta believes that technology is a gateway that allows service to be deeper, more personal and more valuable: 'Technology doesn't remove the value of human relationships, it empowers it!' It’s not only NowInfinity's runaway to success which makes Amreeta memorable, it’s her passion, her creativity and her authenticity which set her apart as an inspiring leader.

In real life

  • Has flown in a fighter jet – Zero G for 15 parabolas

  • Never had a coffee – champagne is her vice

  • Can’t cook to save herself and lives off toast

  • Loves travel, especially long-haul flights for creative thinking, and has been to both the North and South Pole

  • Dumbest thing ever done? Body scrub from Dead Sea mud that left her skin scratched and raw – ouch!

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