Tracy Williams


Chief Operating Officer

Tracy is an experienced, dynamic and driven executive who uses her considerable skills to ensure NowInfinity runs fast and agile. She’s passionate about implementing innovations and is a strong change manager. In this she has a proven track record, always making sure all stakeholders are on board and engaged.

Tracy embraces strategy development and business planning. She’s a master of juggling many priorities and projects, running P&Ls and managing a talented and diverse team. At NowInfinity, she’s always aiming to raise and exceed the bar in an exciting tech disruptor environment, while still delivering challenging KPIs on time and within budget.

In real life

  • Wife and mother of two active school age children

  • Sporting tragic – will watch pretty much any sport, particularly if her kids are playing

  • Loves AFL, cricket, athletics, horse riding

  • Teams – Collingwood (AFL), Parramatta (NRL), Waratahs (Rugby Union)

  • Also loves good food, fine wine, gardening and reading a good book

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