Vitalii Symon


Director and Head of Development

Vitalii was born in the USSR, moved to Ukraine with his family and started learning IT. By the age of 21 he had a Master’s degree.

He began working with Amreeta Abbott in 2008, originally from overseas and then he moved to Australia permanently at the end of 2011. With her decision to change the operational model the focus has massively shifted onto IT and Vitalii has been in charge of all the tech innovation, development and operations. He manages a growing team of developers working on what he calls a ‘vortex’ of dynamic tech development – one that is continuously evolving and adapting to client feedback and needs.

In real life

  • Speaks Russian, Ukrainian, German and English

  • Enjoys reading about the history of money and constitutional law

  • Quote: the human eye can look endlessly on four things – fire, water, counting money and watching someone else working

  • Likes travel to unusual locations and collecting rare immigration stamps – as well as trolling airport workers to accept the passport of an unrecognised international organisation

  • Has a honey wine production company but drinks gin and coke himself

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