NowInfinity and Xero HQ

Two powerful platforms coming together to ensure all of your company formations, trust establishments and the ability to manage your entities are all at your fingertips from within Xero HQ alerts.

Two platforms, one seamless partnership…

The NowInfinity and Xero HQ partnership redefines the way you create, collaborate and manage your client’s entities. Optimise your workflows – data transfer, documentation, client activity, notifications, lodgements and filing – so that you can work more efficiently and grow your business. Important events such as payment deadlines, document signing, data discrepancies in NowInfinity show up seamlessly in your Xero HQ activity feed. You won’t miss a beat and will always be one step ahead with your compliance work.

How do you sync with Xero HQ?

To connect your NowInfinity account with Xero HQ:

1. Go to Menu > Portal Settings > Xero HQ.

2. Select the Connect button to connect with Xero HQ button.

3. When you’re redirected to Xero HQ, select Allow access.

Key Features NowInfinity brings to Xero HQ

Bulk changes, lodgements and actions to optimise your tasks and work flows.

Real time syncing, error alerts and data mismatch reporting. Plus, an easy click-to-fix solution through NowInfinity and Xero HQ.


Use the comprehensive entity profile display to help you manage debts, lodgments, share and trust registries, all in one place.


Save time with advanced dynamic search and automated import of existing clients and their data to pre-populate fields.

Not already a NowInfinity member? 

We have subscription packages to suit your business needs


$750 p/m

Documentation Usage


Corporate Messenger

200 entities


Mt Fuji

$1295 p/m

Documentation Usage


Corporate Messenger

600 entities



$1795 p/m

Documentation Usage


Corporate Messenger

1000 entities



$2500 p/m

Documentation Usage


Corporate Messenger

1600 entities


* Please note all subscription charges are monthly subscriptions on a minimum 12 month contract